How Much Does A Plane Ticket Cost In 2021?

In July 2020, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that the average cost of a domestic, round-trip flight in 2020 was $292. This average cost is a decrease from the average cost of a domestic, round-trip flight in 2019, which was $355.

In July 2019, the average cost of a domestic, round-trip flight was $356.

Main Points

  • The average cost of a domestic, round-trip flight in 2021 is $260, a decrease from the average cost in 2020 of $292
  • The average cost of a domestic, round-trip flight in 2019 was $355, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics
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Check out the Expedia/ARC study on best day to travel. The study found that a peak in business travel in April coincides with the return of students from spring break. Check out the CheapAir study on best day to fly.

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Most airlines say they do not track your search history, but they do. Airline officials say the information is used to help the airline and its agents better understand consumer needs and determine where to focus marketing efforts.

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Is It Cheaper To Buy A Plane Ticket Last Minute?

Booking your ticket at least four months in advance will ensure that you’ll be able to find cheaper prices closer to the flight date. You’ll have more flexibility to change your plans and this will allow you to get a cheaper flight.

There’s a better chance of getting your preferred flight if you’re flexible. You might find that you can save money if you’re prepared to pay a little more to travel on a smaller, more expensive airline. You’ll be able to get your ticket at least four months in advance.

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