Are Marigolds Good For Tomato Plants?

Planting marigolds between tomato plants is not a reliable way to control root-knot nematodes. Root-knot nematodes are soil-dwelling microscopic organisms that invade tomato roots and stems and spread to nearby plants.

In most cases, the nematode does not harm the plant, but it can cause stunted growth, wilt, and even death. The best way to control root-knot nematodes is to remove and destroy infested plants and soil. However, this isn’t always possible.


At a Look

  • Planting marigolds in between tomatoes can protect the tomatoes
  • This is not a reliable method of controlling root-knot nematodes
  • Marigolds and tomatoes are best grown together
  • Plant marigolds between tomato plants
  • Planting marigolds between tomatoes is not a reliable way to control root-knot nematodes
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